Sep 242010

Media hype has really made an impact on the way people view their bodies. Because of the newspaper and magazine advertisements, a lot of people are struck by the fitness fever. And who can blame them? Giant billboards displaying men with six pack abs would entice anyone to have a healthy diet and to exercise regularly.

This could be one of the main reasons why exercise machine manufacturers are doing a brisk business. Abs trainers, adjustable ab bench and abs rollers are only some of the most sought after exercise equipment. A regular exercise routine would no doubt burn a lot of calories and trim off excess fat. But if you want to have abs just like the ones featured in the advertisements, you have to use an abs machine.

Performing household chores is an inexpensive way of burning a lot of calories. However, it should be understood that the exercise routine should be focused on the muscle group you are aiming to develop. The result of an exercise routine using an adjustable ab bench cannot be achieved by doing simple house chores. You have to dip into your pocket to purchase an adjustable ab bench if you want to develop great looking abs…a set that you can proudly show off.

If you need an abs machine that will be easy to use but at the same time will guarantee favorable results, you may want to opt for an adjustable ab machine. By using an adjustable abs machine you can easily change the angle of exercise. If you need a more intensified workout, you only have to pull a pin to decrease the angle; inversely, you can increase the angle of the bench for a less intensified workout.

The picture of hunks on magazine ads extolling the advantages of using an abs machine could entice you to use one. If you choose to use an adjustable abs machine, you too can have great looking abs, a set that you can be proud to show off and one that will be the envy of friends.

Aside from that, by using this machine you will also strengthen your back.

Sep 212010

Eight Minute Ab Workouts

This short video introduces some basic ab workouts that can be done by anybody in a few minutes.  Set aside some time about 3 times a week and do 3 reps of these and you have a good 30 minute ab workouts routine to get started with.

Always remember, ab workouts will not produce 6 pack abs if you do not do the cardio and adjust your eating habits to reduce overall body fat.

Sep 182010

The weight loss community is full of lies, and why not?

If chubby people were to absolutely lose weight and keep it off, the sellers of fat loss drugs and fitness equipment would stop making their millions.

So what are the misunderstandings you (and millions of others) may be pushed into?

The fat loss field has been tricking all of us for decades, and frankly, I can’t stand it no more. Here is the truth behind six of their most common lies…

1. A good number of the so-called “health foods” will indeed cause you to build fat…

2. Physical exercises like sit-ups and crunches are generally the least effective formula to lose belly fat…

3. What we call cardio exercise are not the highest quality manner to lose fat, and it doesn’t even contribute to tone up your heart…

4. Diet tablets, fat burner pills and weight loss drugs are a big blow of your hard earned cash…

5. An abs machine will not give you flat six pack abs…

6. The people on TV who claim to have acquired their six-pack abs from the abs machine they’re promoting are essentially lying to you. They got their attractive bodies through serious workouts and serious eating processes.

So if you’re a woman, how do you burn fat and achieve a tempting flat belly instead of a gelatinous belly? And if you’re a guy, how do you achieve those six-pack abs, instead of a large bucket of abdomen?

With workouts and meal-plans that work without exception.

Plus you don’t need to have any specific abs machine, unreasonable pre-made supper or rotten capsules. Furthermore you never need to feel deprived. Nor do you need marathon wearisome exercise routines.

This isn’t a magic pill…this is science. I’m talking about “The Truth About Six-Pack Abs,”…and it’s packed with documented solutions that will take your whole body from fat to extraordinary sooner than you ever imagined achievable.

Did you already abandon the idea of looking terrific and feeling phenomenal?  If you’ve ventured through diet after diet, exercise after exercise, with no real results, then this is for you.

Stop “trying” to look better and feel better, and start doing it.

Take a look at “The Truth About Sis Pack Abs“.

Sep 122010

It’s now official; the best ab workouts are surprisingly very easy to do. This was said by the Biomechanics Lab of San Diego State University after carrying out a study on common abdominal workouts to determine the best and what really work in strengthening abs.

The ab workouts have been found to be the most effective methods to your losing fat in the abdomen as well as getting the six-packs that you always wanted. However, there are a few things you have to do to experience the best of it.

Monitoring your eating habit is the key step to achieving the best in Ab workouts. The abdomen is a food sensitive part which is the body’s top priority area to store the fats. You should therefore get rid of junk foods and start eating responsibly. Avoid fatty foods and eat within a fixed timed schedule of at most five spread meals per day. The industrial ‘health foods’ are not as healthy as depicted and will definitely not help you.

Get a guide. This can either be done by joining a gymnasium or just buying an ab workouts guide book. This will help you know the cons and pros of the workouts and therefore help you get the best out of them. Do not do the exercises blindly even though you can feel their effect; you might be causing more harm than good to yourself.

Some people, after starting on a new abs workout, tend to skip days just because their body arches or they feel tired. This is highly advised against. To get the best of ab workouts, you have to do them regularly without skipping. The only reason you feel tired is because your body has been too unfit to take the new change. Continue exercising and you will feel the pain fade away.

Finally, get the recommended gear for your ab workouts. Sometimes doing exercises the traditional way will not be as effective as when using some equipment. The most recommended equipment for the ab exercises are the vertical knee rise equipment and a large exercise ball.

Change your habits and get into shape. Moreover, do not be in a hurry to compete with the experts.

Sep 122010

Six pack abs have always been the main target of almost everyone working out in the gym. People find it hard to achieve this goal easily because of the hard work and the effort which it generally requires. People normally fail to put in that kind of effort and in the end they never get six pack abs. An abs machine can help, but you also need to add discipline to your ab workouts.

The abdominal region is in fact one of the most problematic area when it comes to working out a particular section of the body. It is considered as a very stubborn area.

You will have to be very systematic in order to achieve this goal of removing the fat from the abdomen. If you can work out systematically, then you will soon find it easy to reach the goal.

Here are 3 steps which will create a system which will make it pretty easy for you to loose fats from the abdomen. You should follow the steps and work regularly in order to get rid of the fat and ultimately get six pack abs.

Step one is to know your genetics. Remember that it is not similar to any two in the world. You will have to see what kind of genetics you have and the rest of your plan will depend upon that. Some of you may have a different shape of the abdomen so the end result will also be different. If you have a body which is high in fat levels, naturally you will find it harder to achieve your goal of getting 6 pack abs where as if the body is not fat friendly, you will find it a little easier. But remember what ever your genetics are, you will have to work seriously and hard in order to get the perfect shape.

The second and the most important step here is food. You will have to take control of your diet and you will need to add and subtract a lot from your regular food choices. This will help you to reduce the amount of hard work needed in the gym. If you are not taking care of food, you may end up disappointing yourself and quitting on the ab workouts.

Third step, once you have taken care of food, you will need to follow an ab workouts  routine based on the program or abs machine you choose. Furthermore, you will definitely have to increase the mileage that you cover by foot; you will have to watch your sleeping hours, etc.

Remember that getting six pack abs is not easy and you will need dedicated hard work and changes in your routine in order to get there.

Sep 062010

I’m introducing a video tonight from a friend of mine, Damian Alexander. Damian is pursuing his masters degree and takes his training, nutrition, and supplements very seriously.

Many people use protein supplements as part of their abs workout program.

In this video Damian takes a look at some common beliefs regarding protein supplements and reveals some risks many people are not aware of.

If you are considering a protein supplement as part of your ab workouts program, I would recommend you visit Damian’s blog about how to choose the Best Protein Supplement.

Sep 032010

Talking to your friends has gotten you excited about getting six pack abs. You are now bound and determined to make every effort to try various weight reduction and abdominal muscle toning exercises to get them.  Stop.  First you must find out how to get your six pack abs the safe and healthy way.

For most, a strict diet will be a part of the program. It’s important to remember that not everybody can get accustomed to a stringent diet of fat loss.

You might be more prone to side effects if you fail to take proper care of yourself while transitioning and working to get those six pack abs!  You need to know how to safely get six pack abs. So here are some facts that you must keep in mind while working to lose your fat around your abdomen.

What Does Your Doctor Say About Ab Workouts?

I always suggest that you ask the advice of a medical doctor before following a particular six pack abs or diet routine to make sure you don’t have any limitations.

Don’t start with a really difficult routine at first. Start slow so you don’t hurt yourself or get too sore.  Increase your load gradually. Always do your warm ups before the heavy duty exercising. You might have a brisk walk, jog or other cardio warm up in or outside of the gym.  If you are in the gym, there are plenty of cardio machines to use.

Healthy Diet During Ab Workouts

Do not skip meals. You’ll probably eat too much at the next meal to compensate for being too hungry. Or your blood sugar level might dip too low – making you weak and shaky.  You may not recover until the next day after you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Now that would be a waste of day!

Fiber in your diet is important, but don’t add too much at once if it doesn’t suit you. Fiber may often lead to gas which may result in discomfort and swelling around the belly. To prevent such a situation drink plenty of water with your high fiber diet. Again, ease into increasing your fiber to avoid any discomfort.

Try to not indulge in high calorie junk food and drinks, especially with a high sugar and/or sodium content. This will prevent you from toning your abs muscles. Make sure to have low calorie, natural food snacks between your meals.

Abs Machine and Ab Workouts

Abs machines, as advertised on TV, aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. It might be easier for you to actually do the sit ups and crunches all by yourself instead of getting hold of an abs machine to help you out.

Avoid excessive exercising if you have a back problem.  Seek a trainer to help you modify your exercises to more safely get you six pack abs without straining or hurting your back more.

Eat a well balanced diet, at the correct time and in the right amounts. Avoid diet pills as their long term effect can be harmful to your health.

Be safe when working on getting your six pack so you will enjoy the benefits of having them when your get there.  This will be your key to success.

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