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Here’s a list of the top Myths about workouts for abs that you should avoid at all costs.

1 – There’s no such thing as Spot Reducing – Endless crunches will not melt away the fat from your midsection. It just doesn’t work that way. And despite the “burn” of high rep workouts for abs,  you barely burn any calories while doing those endless crunches.
Your fat burning time is best spent elsewhere on more effective “cardio” training.

2 – The abs are muscles and should be trained as such. You don’t need high reps and lots of sets to work your abs. This just leads to over training.

Abs are a more endurance oriented muscle so slightly higher reps may be more effective. However, you should keep the reps at 20 or lower and work on increasing the resistance and variety in your training.

You should be increasing the weights on workouts for abs, similar to your other exercises. The stronger your abs, the better they will look when the fat is stripped away.

3 – Don’t train the abs more than necessary – What the heck do I mean by this? Your abs get a lot of indirect work from other exercises so you really won’t need more than a couple of hard sets of weighted crunches to work your abs.

Your abs are a factor in exercises such as squats, dead lifts, seated or standing presses, dumbbell pullovers, pulldowns, etc.
Next time you work out, do a few hard sets of standing stiff armed pulldowns on the lat machine and tell me your abs aren’t sore the next day.

If you want to develop a flat stomach with your abs visible, you need to treat your abs the same as your other muscles. And you need to strip away the fat with a proper training and nutrition program designed around total fat loss, not trying to spot reduce through endless crunches.

The number of ab machines constantly coming to market is mind boggling. Especially considering that they aren’t needed and won’t give you the results that you want unless you begin training your abs like regular muscles rather than like a machine that needs 100 reps to get primed up..

Let’s set the record straight on workouts for abs right now and give you the real information you need so you can say no to the next infomercial abs machine and yes to actual results.

1 – Training your abs consistently and persistently will eventually give you the flat stomach or six-pack contour abs that you want.

But it’s not gonna happen if your abs are covered by a layer of body fat and doing endless sets of workouts for abs is not the way to rid yourself of that excess body fat – even if you buy the most expensive abs machine.

2 – Skip a day in between your ab workouts.

Your abs are a muscle, just like your chest, lats, arms and so on. You should train your abs just like these other muscles, with progressive resistance and high intensity – then allow them to rest and recover. Never train your abs more than 3 days a week.

3 – You don’t need to do hundreds or reps and feel the burn to get great abs.

To get six pack abs you need to strip off the fat, but you also need to build the abs to get them to really pop out.

If the muscle isn’t developed, you’ll just have a flat stomach but no abs. The name of the game is progressive resistance for sets of 8 – 20 reps, just like your other muscles.

You need a proper weight lifting program, nutrition plan, and cardio program in order to rid your stomach of that stubborn layer of fat and bring out your abs.

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Learn the proper way to do leg lifts with raised legs for your workouts for abs in this free exercise video on working out your abs. Expert: Angela Joyce Bio: Angela Joyce is a fitness instructor and teaches cardio fat burning exercises, muscle toning, and healthy lifestyle habits.  A simple, easy, and effective addition to your workouts for abs.  Filmmaker: Nolen Quinn

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