Jan 272011
Crazy Abs Machine

Crazy Abs Home Gym Product Description

Crazy Abs Machine Home GymIntroducing the Crazy Abs, a new abs machine that ultimately works on your abs, shoulders, back, arms and more. Similar to other models in the market, you get on the machine, place your knees on the knee pads and pull them toward your chest with your abs. It is the most effective way of  strengthening your abs. It helps you do leg raises without straining your upper body or putting pressure on your back. The Crazy Abs is equipped with professional grade foam covered handles that allows you to do different grip positions. As a result, you can build multiple muscle groups with a variety of exercise. Similar to the Chin Up Bar, you can work on your arms, shoulders and chest muscles by pulling your lower body in an upward motion. There’s no better way to work on your upper body. The other competing models in the market, on the other hand, do not offer any upper body workout at all. Get the Crazy Abs today and take your workout to the next level.

Product Features

  • Ultimate exerciser that works on abs, shoulders, back, arms and more
  • Well built BUT less expensive than similar models in the market
  • 90 days warranty. Easy installation.
  • Dimensions 48 (L) x 40 (H) x 25 (W) inches. Takes up less space
  • Knee Pads are made of high grade foam and gentle for your knees during workout process

Amazon Customer Review:

I have been using the Ab Coaster at a local gym and am really getting good results. So I was a bit skeptical trying out this one. But to my surprise, this fitness equipment works just like the ab coaster except it’s lighter and easier to move around the house. It also offers good amount of core workout as well as upper body workout…highly recommended!

Amazon Customer Review:

This is an amazing little machine. It’s well built, balanced and easy to assemble. I am a 63 year old female in pretty good health but I’ve had back problems beginning in my 30s from injuries and then just getting older. I knew I needed to tone and build up my abdomen muscles in order to support my back and improve posture, but I needed to do exercises that would NOT further injure. This machine forces the body to stay in alignment without undue pressure on the back yet permitting adequate ab crunching. Because of the position you work not just abs but also shoulders smoothly without stress to vulnerable joints and muscles.
I am MOST pleased with this product!

Amazon Customer Review:

Simple mechanics and few moving parts means less to go wrong but it still works great. It has two arm positions, one gripping the top loop and resting the elbows on the handles and the other gripping the handles. Gripping the handles requires much more strength in the arms so you can increase the challenge if you are up to it. The first position should allow anyone to use the machine comfortably. I’m 5’3″ and many machines don’t fit me. This one worked fine with no back strain at all. The only moving parts are the carriage and limited rotation on the handle bars which is accomplished not by gears which may bind or break but by a simple slot that allows the base of the bar to be turned both ways.

The only possible drawback I found was in using the machine with the handles turned sharply. This caused me to put sidewards pressure on the carriage which does not turn. I encountered some binding that could result in wear on the roller over time. If you want to use it that way you might want to contact the company and purchase a spare roller. Still, for the price, ease of assymbly (under 15 minutes without even refering to the instructions-tools are included), and portability of this device, you can’t beat it at twice the price.

Crazy Abs Abdominal Home Gym

Jan 272011

3-in-1 abdominal bench designed to shape and tone abs, obliques, and back

  • Spine design puts you off the floor to isolate abs through entire range of motion
  • Optional Flex Band resistance system adds efficient upper-body toning routines
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage; includes comprehensive workout DVD
  • Full eating guide includes 60 healthy recipes, 8-week meal plan, and grocery lists

Product Description
The ProForm Abs gives you a three-in-one shaping and toning workout that helps sculpt your abdominal muscles. You’ll get sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques and a more flexible lower back. You can work all of the muscle groups that make up your core, without moving to another machine or even changing positions.

Amazon.com Product Description
Enjoy a three-in-one shaping and toning workout while sculpting your abdominal muscles with the ProForm Total Fitness Program abs bench. Designed to help you work all of the muscle groups that make up your core, the bench gives you sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques, and a more flexible lower back. Even better, you can achieve all of these things without… More >>

ProForm Total Fitness Program Abs Bench

Jan 182011

Not having a bunch of equipment doesn’t keep you from being able to do some super effective ab workouts.  The workout in this video takes about 5 minutes and is pretty intense.

Don’t worry though, have some fun with it like these guys do. If you find that you can’t complete some parts of it, just scale back a bit as they show in the video.  Work your way up. Do what you can consistently and you will be able to complete ab workouts like this with no problem and no equipment.

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