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When you want to get in shape, there are a number of workouts for abs that you can engage in to get positive results.   It is important to study a number of exercises that are available to learn about their advantages and disadvantages to be able to choose the ones that suit you best. It is also important to know the right abs machine to use if you plan on purchasing one so you don’t waste money on something that will not be effective.  Some of the options available include:


Abdominal exercises- These are vital workouts for abs that help to tighten the stomach. There are very many people who want to have flat and sexy stomachs and would do anything to make sure they get it. This can be achieved with the right exercises and all one needs to do is make sure they pick the best exercises that will give them the expected results. Some of the most common abdominal exercises include sit ups and crunches.


Chest workouts- This type of workout is more popular with men who want to have well toned abs. You need to be disciplined if you want to achieve the best results. There are very many options that you have when it comes to workouts for abs, and it is important to pick the best so you can get the fast results. There are numerous online resources where you can get a few examples of the great exercises. You can examine pictures and diagrams of the workouts and follow detailed written instructions on them so as to ensure that you know the right way to handle the ab workouts.

Leg and thigh exercises- These are exercises to work on the lower section of the body to make sure they are well toned. They are very important because they help these specific body parts to work well to support the upper body. There are a number of ab exercise machines that can be used to make the process much simpler and effective. The exercises need to be performed very carefully and with proper guidance. When you have no idea on which machines to pick, talk to a professional trainer or someone who is knowledgeable about the machines to get the best deal. Make sure you plan out your workout programs so you can begin to achieve the perfect results in no time.


Mar 122011

Exercise is important to maintain a healthy body. It is an effective way to fight stress that can cause sickness. If you practice exercising on a regular basis together with proper diet, you will have a healthy body. There are lots of different exercise routines if you want to build your body. But the most difficult part to build is the abdominal muscles. To be able to trim down your abdomen, you should know the proper exercise and abs exercise equipment. Having this exercise equipment at home will allow you to build your abdominal muscle even in the comforts of your own home.

There is lots of exercise equipment available in the market today. You can see them in television, magazines, and the internet. If you are willing to build up your abs, you should have dedication. It is not an easy task to build your abdominal muscles. It requires regular exercise and proper diet. However, having the best abs exercise equipment, you can see a big difference in your abs in just a couple of weeks.

Here are some things to consider in choosing the best abs equipment that will surely work for you. First, you must research different websites and magazines to gain knowledge about kinds of exercise machines for your abs. You can check the reviews and ratings of that machine over the internet. You can also consult your friends or gym instructors in your place who have knowledge about abs exercise.


Crazy Abs Home Abs MachineSome examples of abs exercise equipment are dumbbells, exercise ball, and ankle weights. Using dumbbells in your abdominal workout together with the ankle weights will give additional resistance in the upper and lower part of your body. It is best if you want to put more resistance in your abs with the use of dumbbells while doing your crunches. An exercise ball is commonly used by people who want to trim their abs. Another example of good abdominal equipment is the power plate. It will reduce your waistline while standing on the plate for at least 15 minutes. The plate will vibrate up to 30 to 90 times per second. It is best if you use this three times a week.

To be able to produce great results, it is important to do regular abs exercises and maintain a proper diet. You need to put your heart into this. However, knowing the basics about how to choose the best equipment for your abs, you can now select the best abs exercise equipment to help you with your workout.


Jan 182011

Not having a bunch of equipment doesn’t keep you from being able to do some super effective ab workouts.  The workout in this video takes about 5 minutes and is pretty intense.

Don’t worry though, have some fun with it like these guys do. If you find that you can’t complete some parts of it, just scale back a bit as they show in the video.  Work your way up. Do what you can consistently and you will be able to complete ab workouts like this with no problem and no equipment.

Jul 262010

Most people are constantly searching for the best ab workouts to lose belly fat or gain six pack abs. They believe that some miracle ab workouts can help them get a flat stomach. While everyone has varying amount of excess body fat in the abdominal region, the best way to burn off extra belly fat continues to elude most.

The truth is ab workouts do NOT get rid of belly fat. They only tone and strengthen the underlying abdominal muscles. The main focus should be on a full body resistance training workout that maximizes your fat burning and metabolism boosting effect.

Doing lots of slow cardio isn’t an effective and efficient way to lose body fat either. It does not create the greatest metabolic or hormonal response. Studies have shown that people who performed cardio-based workout routines lost significantly less body fat compared to people who did mainly resistance training based routines. Some even gained body fat on the cardio-based workouts! What you really need is a complete training program that focuses on training the entire body with resistance training and multi-joint exercises in a higher intensity fashion.

The key secret to losing excess belly fat is a combination of healthy diet and high intensity full body workout. This is much more effective than doing endless crunches, sit ups or leg raises. In fact, abdominal exercises do NOT burn stomach fat.

Don’t even waste your money on ab gadgets, machines or belts… they don’t work either. If you had been suckered into buying any of them, you were ripped off!

I see people giving incorrect advice on ab training in fitness forums. Consequently, many still believe that they have to do hundred reps of ab workouts to lose belly fat or get six-pack abs. Don’t listen to this type of advice!

Nevertheless, a certain amount of ab specific exercises is beneficial when combined with a proper full body workout. Ab exercises help to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, support a healthy back and improve posture when done correctly. Remember, ab exercises do not reduce belly fat and should only form a very small part of your workouts.

The 2 most important aspects are full body training workouts and a healthy and balanced diet. Many of the full body exercises also indirectly work the abdominals and core due to the stabilization required in some of the more difficult variations.

Abdominal exercises are the least effective way of getting rid of stubborn stomach fat. Learn 5 REAL secrets on how to lose belly fat and get ripped six pack abs that turn heads!

Jul 232010

It seems that everyone is always asking me what the best ab workouts are to get a flatter stomach. The common belief that ab workouts will help you to lose belly fat is one of the biggest misconceptions I deal with daily as a fitness professional. Almost everyone has varying degrees of excess body fat in the abdominal region, and the best way to burn off that extra stomach fat continues to elude most.

The problem is that most people are searching for the wrong exercises and workout types to lose stubborn belly fat. Most people are searching for some miraculous combination of abs exercises combined into the best ab workout ever invented that will burn off their belly fat faster than you can read this article.

Unfortunately, ab-specific workouts do NOT burn fat off of your belly. They only tone and strengthen the underlying abdominal muscles. What you really need to focus on is a full body strategic workout that will cause a much greater metabolic rate increase and fat-burning hormonal response from your training program as a whole.

In addition, simply doing cardiovascular workouts will not necessarily create the greatest metabolic response or hormonal response either. What you really need is a much more rounded training program that focuses on training the entire body with resistance training and multi-joint exercises in a higher intensity fashion.

This type of high intensity full body training combined with a healthy balanced diet full of nutrient density on a regular basis, is the real key secret to losing the extra stomach fat that covers up the abs. This is a much better plan of attack than just trying to do ab workouts and hoping that just doing a bunch of ab exercises like crunches and leg raises are going to make you lose your belly fat.

The amazing thing is that the majority of the population still believes that in order to get rid of belly fat, you need to do ab workouts every day using hundreds of reps. I see people giving this type of erroneous advice every day on all of the fitness forums. Please do not waste your time with this type of advice!

Now before you say “how can an abs expert not recommend abdominal exercises”, realize that I do strongly believe that a certain amount of ab-specific exercises mixed into your routines are beneficial. Ab exercises will help you strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles and are useful for other purposes such as a healthy back and posture when done correctly. But the fact remains that ab exercises are not necessary for fat loss.

A much smarter full body resistance training routine and a clean healthy balanced diet are the most important factors. Many of the full body exercises also indirectly work the abdominals and core due to the stabilization required in some of the more difficult variations.

Thompson Stephen is dedicated to helping people stay informed about health and fitness.For more information and in-depth,unbiased reviews,please visit http://dailytruthaboutabs.com

Jul 112010

The answer to the age-old question of “What is the best ab workout for losing stomach fat?” is…

None! Ab workouts alone don’t create enough of a metabolic response in your body to create fat loss.

I’ve met countless people who asked me what the best types of exercises and workouts are for losing stubborn belly fat in order to bring out visible six pack abs. They are searching for some “miracle abdominal workout” that could get rid of their abdominal fat in no time.

The fact is… they are dealing with the problem in the completely wrong way! The truth is that you don’t lose stomach fat by doing ab workouts.

It is a waste of time and effort if you focus on doing abdominal exercises and ab workouts in order to flatten your stomach and bring out 6-pack abs. Instead, you should be performing correct workout programs that will reduce and keep off your body fat for good.

What then are the best exercises for losing stomach fat? Full body exercises… such as various forms of squats, lunges, deadlifts, clean & presses, snatches, swings, presses and pulls, mountain climbers, sprinting, etc.

These types of full body exercises stimulate maximum metabolic response in your body and increase fat burning hormone levels, thus helping you to burn body fat in less time. In addition, a side effect of working out using mostly full body multi-joint combo exercises is that you indirectly work your entire midsection even though you are not specifically targeting the abs. Abdominal and core specific exercises should only form a small part of your workout program.

Bear in mind that nutrition is the key to losing belly fat and developing visible abs. If live on a diet of processed, high sugar and high trans fat foods, it will be impossible for you to lose belly fat no matter how hard you workout. Nutrition is without a doubt the “king of getting a six pack”.

So let’s clear this up for good…

Don’t waste time on situps, crunches, leg raises, and money on all those worthless “ab gadgets” in your efforts to develop 6-pack abs. Instead focus on high intensity full body workouts using combination multi-joint exercises all strategically combined into highly effective fat loss workouts. Combined that with a clean diet full of natural unprocessed wholesome foods and minimal trans fat, and those elusive six-pack abdominals will be yours in no time!

Check out below for more tips on losing belly fat and getting flat sexy 6-pack abs for life.

Tired of not losing belly fat and seeing visible six pack abs? Discover 5 things you must know if you are ever going to lose belly fat and get ripped abs at The Truth About Best Ab Exercises & Ab Workouts

Jul 022010

Using an ab machine to lose weight and stomach fat will not give you results. While some ab machines may be effective in toning stomach muscles, you will have to lose weight first and tone the muscles later to really see results. Spending hours a week on abdominal exercises on ab machines that do not work will not help you lose weight or unsightly and stubborn stomach fat. A combination of nutrition and full body exercise will give you the results you are looking for without gimmicky ab machines.

Lose The Fat First

Toning your abs means losing belly fat. All the sit-ups in the world will not help to reveal your oblique muscle because it is hiding under stomach fat. High intensity strength and core training will help to burn calories and fat and shrink your stomach.

Ab Machines Can Be Dangerous

There are some ab machines on the market that may actually be harmful. Back injuries have been reported with some ab machines, as well as injury to the neck, and torn muscles.


Ab Machines Are No More Effective Than Sit-Ups And Crunches

You do not need a machine to help you do sit-ups. Doing sit-up the old fashioned way and in combination with resistance training with a medicine ball and weights are more effective than doing one or two exercises on an ab machine.

Minimize Your Time On An Ab Machine

Do not spend too much time on an ab machine — this takes away real exercise.

Jun 092010

Michael Geary is an internationally known fitness expert and trainer.  I am adding one of his articles to the blog that illustrates the point that an abs machine is not the first step to having lean, firm, attractive 6 pack abs.

Be sure to get the free report to learn even more secrets to effectively lose belly fat and start having great looking abs.

Abdominal exercises are one of the hottest, and yet, most controversial topics in the fitness and exercise industry. Hundreds of ab machines, gimmicks, and abs exercise equipment have flooded the market for people looking for sexier and flatter abdominals… that sexy six-pack abs appearance that everyone seeks.

The problem is that most of the ab workouts that are recommended all over the internet, and in magazines, etc, are not necessarily the best method to get that six-pack abs appearance. First and foremost, the most important aspect for great looking six pack abdominals is losing the extra belly fat that is covering them up. To be honest, most people already have decent abdominals underneath, yet the six-pack abs are simply covered up by all of that extra flabby stomach fat.

Instead of focusing so much on ab workouts to make your stomach flatter and more like a six-pack, you will lose much more body fat by focusing the majority of your training time with special combinations of high intensity full-body, multi-joint exercises. The best exercises for losing that abdominal fat are the exercises that work the largest portions of the body at once.

Exercises that work the large muscle groups of the legs, upper and lower back, and chest give you the biggest metabolic bang for your buck in terms of abdominal fat loss. Combining these types of big multi-joint exercises in high intensity super-set, tri-set, or circuit fashion gives you the biggest fat-burning and metabolism boosting response from your workouts.

And that is one of the best kept secrets for flat sexy abdominals that are actually visible as a six-pack!

Now when it comes to abdominal-specific exercises, another mistake most people make is mindlessly pumping away with hundreds of crunches and other meaningless ab workouts that barely give your abdominals much resistance to work against. If you want to actually develop your abdominals to the best extent possible, don’t waste your time with exercises that you can do more than 20 or 25 reps… that means you are definitely not doing an exercise that provides enough resistance to the abs. Exercises that give you enough resistance to get you down into the 6-15 rep range per set works great for the abs.

Generally, higher resistance ab workouts that provide a much larger stimulus to the abs come in the form of exercises that involve raising/curling the legs and pelvis either upward or inward closer to the trunk. A couple great examples of these higher resistance abdominal exercises are hanging leg raises or knee raises using a “pelvic curl up”, or an exercise like lying hip thrusts. Many times, the same people that can do 50 or 100 crunches, can’t even complete more than 2 or 3 properly executed hanging leg raises.

If you really want tighter flatter abdominals that look like a six-pack, remember that losing that extra belly fat is the MOST important factor. Also, when it comes to abdominal-specific exercises, always remember higher resistance exercises that involve curling/raising the legs and pelvis upward or inward are what develops the abs to the best extent possible.

To discover over 27 more abdominal fat loss and metabolism-boosting secrets, go to Abdominal Exercises & Stomach Fat-Loss Secrets to download a FREE report revealing the strategies of the super-lean.

Michael Geary (CPT) is an International Fitness Expert with clients in over 150 countries world-wide, contributing writer for Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine, and author of the internationally-popular book, The Truth about 6-Pack Abs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Geary

May 292010

It’s hard to know who to believe among all the TV and Internet ads for the best abs machine. There are hundreds of marketers, all telling you they have the best abs machine and promising the fastest and easiest route to slim down and achieve perfect 6 pack abs. The truth is that, more times than not, the only thing that gets slimmer is your wallet.

The Best Abs Machine is You!

You are the secret to having great looking abs and feeling great. You are the “secret ingredient”. You are the one that will provide the discipline and actually do the abdominal exercises that will lead to a flatter, firmer stomach. Exercising your abs simply means contracting the muscles. The best abs machine for you will be the one that fits your lifestyle and makes your abs fitness program fun and uncomplicated to follow.

The Value of Coaching

The most overlooked element in most fitness programs is good coaching. What good is a shiny new abs machine if you don’t know how to use it effectively? How many people have you known that enthusiastically bought some new piece of equipment, and then pack it away in the garage to gather dust after one or two months? Coaching is what helps keep you motivated and provides you the information you need on how to best work the body effectively. Types of exercise to do, dietary instruction, frequency, and support are all important elements of any fitness program. It is this type of coaching that most often separates success from failure.

Our Mission

The purpose of our little blog is to help you identify the best abs machine for your lifestyle, and the best resources for information and coaching that will insure your success.  In future posts we will be taking a close look at specific ab machines and ab workout programs. We will be reviewing the equipment and coaching available to help you sift through the choices and choose a program that is right for you. Be sure to bookmark this page and visit often for the best abs machine info and reviews.

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