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Abdominal exercise machines help you develop the strength in your abdominal muscles.  That is all that they are capable of doing.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that these machines help you lose weight, especially around the belly.  They can’t.

However, these machines provide a few important benefits.  Unlike traditional sit-ups and crunches, they typically provide back and neck support so you don’t strain yourself while exercising.  You can also attach weights to some machines to increase the intensity of your workout.

The main disadvantage of using abdominal exercise machines is that you’ll have to pay for them.  They’re not free like doing crunches and sit-ups. Also, some designs only target specific areas, so you can’t workout all areas of your abs.

You need to understand that your abs reside beneath a layer of fat.  This means that you can tone those muscles all you want, but they won’t show up well if you still have a layer of fat on top of them.  As mentioned earlier, abdominal exercise machines can’t burn stomach fat.

Therefore, it’s very important that you combine use of abdominal exercises with proper cardio exercise.  Exercising and eating right will help you burn fat more easily.  There are certain foods that you should eat plenty of.
If you drink milk, it’s best that you only drink low-fat or fat-free varieties. Other suitable dairy products that you can eat include cottage cheese, cheese, and yogurt.  Berries are also very good for you to eat.

When using abdominal exercise machines to tone your stomach, you should also eat plenty of green vegetables.  Whole-grain breads and cereals are also good to eat.  Your diet should include several varieties beans as well.

You should already know that there are many different types of abdominal exercise machines on the market.  There are ab wheels and rollers that you can use to target those muscles without having to go to the gym.  These are usually the cheaper options.

There are also adjustable benches that you can use.  Some of these designs allow you to add free weights.  This allows you to add resistance to your exercises so you benefit even more.

You need to look for a few important things when buying abdominal exercise machines.  Some designs only work on abdominal muscles, while others work on those and the obliques.  If you don’t buy the right one, you’ll need two separate pieces of equipment to work on the different muscle groups.

It’s also a good idea to buy a machine that provides support for your neck and back.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about experiencing pain after you workout.  It should also be adjustable so you can use it comfortably regardless of your size.

Abdominal exercise machines are a great way to tone your abdominal muscles.  However, you will need to eat properly while you workout too.  If you don’t eat properly, then your newly toned muscles won’t show up beneath the layer of fat.  Make sure that you choose a design that provides proper support for you neck and back so you don’t experience pain after you workout.

Aug 252010

Have you questioned why you always seem to get a dieting plan with any new abs machine you purchased which they demand that you use? The rationale is easy. They know that by doing only a few minutes of ab exercises every day, you are never going to make much of a difference to your quantity of body fat or to the dimensions of your belly. The abs machine will work though and can offer you those rock-hard abs, but you will not be able to see them if they’re covered by layers of fat.

The abs machine is made to fortify and tone your ab muscles.

After using them for a fortnight without seeing any results, they may sometimes just finish up collecting dust in the garage somewhere till the next best ab machine gets released and you suspect to oneself that “This could be the one”. A few of these exercise devices are so questionable that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched “Project ABSurd” against the makers of the AB Energizer, Abtronic, and Fast Abs in 2002.

According to FTC Manager Timothy Muris, “These electronic abs gizmos don’t do a thing to turn a prominent beer gut into a graceful 6 pack stomach.” The governing body then sued these 3 different makers of these abs machine for fake advertising. If you’re already slim and have a little obvious abdominal muscles, then these exercise devices are very good to make them look more outlined. That’s why the sexy models on the commercials have such attractive waistlines.

They didn’t get their sexy figures by using the publicized machine. They’d have followed a healthy, nutritious diet together with many hours in the gym. They also most probably never even laid their eyes on the abs machine they were promoting till the day of the photograph or infomercial shoot and have timed their training and diets to be in comprehensive top physical condition for that one day.

The other kind of ab exerciser is commonly known as an Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS), that delivers an electrical charge to make your muscles contract. John Porcari, a professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Wisconsin, tested an EMS device similar to those on the market in a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise. After 8 weeks of using the device only, partakers had no increases in muscle size or strength.

The final analysis is this: one or two minutes of ab exercises daily won’t burn away the fat from your belly. You want to remember that by doing only ab exercises, you won’t do much when it comes to reducing your weight. Also, a study conducted and released by the American Council on Exercise also confirmed this.

The study said that the abs machine didn’t out perform the standard crunch exercise, that means many of these ab machines are a total waste of cash. If you’re overweight and desire to have a well-defined and attractive stomach, you’ll need to add other exercises to your regime like weight training and perhaps some cardiovascular exercise too like bike riding, rowing and aerobics. You are also going to have to be aware of what you eat as your diet is the most vital part of any successful weight loss program.

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In this article, I will be highlighting on the myth and the truth about the abs machine. Read on and decide for yourself if an abs machine is really useful and are they worth your investment at all.

The Myth about the abs machine:

Your Exercise routines need to be coupled with an  “abs machine” to make the exercise work doubly well in helping you to get 6 pack abs.

The Truth about an abs machine:

Most people have this wrong perception that in order to get 6 pack abs, they will just need to strengthen their abdominal muscles. Well, I would say that they are only 50% right. The fact is, in order to exhibit the 6 pack abs, you will have to first strip away that irritating abdominal fats that is covering your abdominal muscles. Only after you have stripped away that irritating abdominal fats then can u start the process of strengthening your abdominal muscles,and losing the abdominal fats is what the abs machine has failed to achieve.

Those abs machine or gadgets are designed and built for the sole purpose of mere strengthening of the abdominal muscles only. When it comes to losing the excessive abdominal fats, the ab machines or gadgets are totally useless in helping you to achieving that.

Forget about all the media bogus about all these so called wondrous amazing abs machine that promise to deliver you the perfect abs. And remember that only Real workout and Real nutrition strategies are able to help you to strip away those irritating abdominal fats. Real workout refers to workout that increases your metabolism and stimulates your fat-burning & muscle building hormones in your body.(Shall not elaborate on what workout is beneficial in this article )In order to reap the most benefits from the workout, you will also need to follow a nutritious diet as well. I mean, you cant be expecting to be seeing noticeable results when you are sweating all out today and eating your favorite McDonald’s meal the next day.

Ok. Now, if we are to disregard the aspect about the fact that the abs machine is not useful in helping us lose fats. Lets assume that we are all great individuals with absolutely little or no abdominal fats and we would only want to strengthen on our abdominal muscles. Is the abs machine more useful or better than any abdominal exercises?

Well, I would still hold my stand that the abs machine is still not that useful after all. Yes, the abs machine may be useful with strengthening of the abdominal muscles but they are still far less effective when compared to the floor, hanging and standing abs exercises.

Therefore, my verdict would be: Try not to invest time and money on an abs machine when there are other better abs exercises to help you get 6 pack ab.

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