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stamina abs bench

stamina ab machines

Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench

Ab machines are useful for enhancing not only your abs, but also your back muscles.  The Stamina Ab/Hyper bench allows you to perform many different exercises.  It can even be used as a bench press with free weights.

There are many different features that make this workout bench great.  For starters, you can easily increase your workout intensity by changing the angle of the adjustable bench.  You can adjust it anywhere between 0 and 30 degrees.  There’s no hard work involved, as you simply pull the pin, adjust the pin, then put the pin back in place.

Ab machines will also need to be comfortable, else you’ll rarely use them. The bench is contoured and covered with vinyl.  This helps add a measure of comfort to our workout routine.

The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench isn’t a one-hit wonder.  You can use it for many different exercises including standing exercises.  You can use these exercises to target the muscles in your lower back.  The bench offers thigh support to keep you sturdy, and can also be adjusted depending on the length of your legs.

When doing standing exercises, it’s best that you look for ab machines that help keep you in position.  The Stamina workout bench does just that thanks to the pivoting ankle pads.  The rollers are covered in foam so they won’t put any uncomfortable pressure on your ankles.  The bench also has frame caps so you won’t rock all over the place while working out.

When choosing a workout bench, it’s important that you have enough space to accommodate it in your home.  This space needs to be large enough to allow you to move around freely in order to do the exercises properly.  Fully assembled, the Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench measures approximately 53 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 28 inches high.

stamina abs machine

Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench

Unless you plan on keeping the bench in a permanent location, you will also need a place to store them.  This design makes this quite easy since you can simply fold it down for easy storage under your bed.  It also weighs about 44 pounds, so you won’t need a forklift to move it around.

You should look for ab machines that serve more than one purpose.  You don’t want to use different pieces of equipment just to target different muscles.  The Ab/Hyper workout bench can be customized to have elbow supports.  This is convenient if you want to use the bench to work with free weights.

It’s rare to find a piece of exercise equipment that comes fully assembled. So, you obviously want one that’s simple to put together. Having easy-to-read instructions will certainly make this task much easier.  The Stamina Ab / Hyper Bench should take no more than an hour to assemble.

This design certainly isn’t the most high-quality model of ab machines that you can find.  Having said that, it is durable enough to fit most users needs.  The frame is constructed of 2-inch steel.  It’s also backed by a one year limited warranty.  You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Jan 272011

3-in-1 abdominal bench designed to shape and tone abs, obliques, and back

  • Spine design puts you off the floor to isolate abs through entire range of motion
  • Optional Flex Band resistance system adds efficient upper-body toning routines
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage; includes comprehensive workout DVD
  • Full eating guide includes 60 healthy recipes, 8-week meal plan, and grocery lists

Product Description
The ProForm Abs gives you a three-in-one shaping and toning workout that helps sculpt your abdominal muscles. You’ll get sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques and a more flexible lower back. You can work all of the muscle groups that make up your core, without moving to another machine or even changing positions.

Amazon.com Product Description
Enjoy a three-in-one shaping and toning workout while sculpting your abdominal muscles with the ProForm Total Fitness Program abs bench. Designed to help you work all of the muscle groups that make up your core, the bench gives you sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques, and a more flexible lower back. Even better, you can achieve all of these things without… More >>

ProForm Total Fitness Program Abs Bench

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