Jan 272011

3-in-1 abdominal bench designed to shape and tone abs, obliques, and back

  • Spine design puts you off the floor to isolate abs through entire range of motion
  • Optional Flex Band resistance system adds efficient upper-body toning routines
  • Folds flat for easy transport and storage; includes comprehensive workout DVD
  • Full eating guide includes 60 healthy recipes, 8-week meal plan, and grocery lists

Product Description
The ProForm Abs gives you a three-in-one shaping and toning workout that helps sculpt your abdominal muscles. You’ll get sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques and a more flexible lower back. You can work all of the muscle groups that make up your core, without moving to another machine or even changing positions.

Amazon.com Product Description
Enjoy a three-in-one shaping and toning workout while sculpting your abdominal muscles with the ProForm Total Fitness Program abs bench. Designed to help you work all of the muscle groups that make up your core, the bench gives you sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques, and a more flexible lower back. Even better, you can achieve all of these things without… More >>

ProForm Total Fitness Program Abs Bench

Dec 152010

  • Women’s magazine SELF presents a great ab workouts program to stay in shape with FIRM, FLAT ABS. This program manages to differentiate itself from others by drawing on a number of different disciplines, and combining them into a refreshingly new type of ab workouts. With Pilates and yoga techniques integrated into the regime, as well as work with a stability ball, this is a great way to lose weight and get in shape.

SELF, the premier magazine devoted to women’s health and well-being, delivers ab workouts designed to make you look and feel strong, confident and sexy. With these fun, easy-to-follow moves, you will get the abs you’ve always wanted in as few as four weeks, regardless of your current fitness level. This expertly designed routine will motivate you to reach all your fitness goals-fast! Best of all, SELF magazine’s Firm, Flat Abs Fast! ab workouts is an innovative combination of yoga, Pilates and standing abdominal and stability ball exercises and will help you create a lean, strong, sexy middle that you’ll want to show off all year long…. More >>

Self – Firm Flat Abs Fast

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