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Results of ab workouts

Effective Ab Workouts

There are many people on the lookout for the best ab workouts. This is because the most popular body part that people would commonly be willing to make an improvement is the tummy. A fabulous tummy is the greatest desire of health-conscious people for their bodies to achieve. If you intend to have the abs of your dreams, and before you begin a routine to achieve it, you must first evaluate the different workout routines available and then decide which one is appropriate for your body form and requirements.

Ab Workouts – Crunches

With this form of workout, you might want to use a mat. To begin, lie down with your back either on an exercise mat or the floor. Your feet must be firmly pressed to the floor with your knees raised. With both hands behind the head, gradually lift your head. Make sure that you do not pull your neck doing this. Simultaneously, crunch the stomach muscles. This must be sustained for a few seconds before you release and slowly return to your former position. Do several repetitions of the exercise until you become used to it. The objective is to for you to perform three sets containing thirty repetitions.

Ab Workouts – Knee Ups

For you to do this, sit on a bench with both hands grasping the sides. While in this position, legs should be extended outward and then slowly pull the knees up towards the chest. With this movement, you can feel your stomach muscles begin to contract. Maintain that position for a few seconds and then repeat. Like the crunches, this has to be a smooth and steady movement. The objective is to finish three sets composed of at least twenty-five repetitions.

Ab Workouts – Knee Raises

A little bit more advanced routine compared to the other two, knee raises also have a higher level of difficulty but they yields good results. This exercise requires the use of an overhead chin up bar. Your grasp of the bar must be a bit wider than your shoulder width. Then, without another unnecessary movement like swinging, slowly raise the knees to an angle of 90 degrees. You could feel your abs contract with the movement. Hold for a couple of seconds then slowly go back to your original position. Repeat. Like the other routines, this must be completed with a smooth and steady movement. The objective is to finish three sets with at least 15 repetitions in each. This can also be done without curling your knees, just standing straight and holding onto the bar.

You might try at least any one of the three ab workouts routines twice or more often in a week, and in no time, you can begin to notice that your abs have improved considerably. By then, you will have realized that you have in your hands one of the best ab workouts.

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Free Ab Workouts Report
Free Ab Workouts Report

Get Your Free Ab Workouts Report

There are many stomach exercises that can be include in your ab workouts. Often people will pick 1 or 2, and stick with them. While this can be pretty effective, it may not be enough to give you that all round core workout.

There is something about having that flat ripped 6 pack, that fires the imagination. Ab muscles do not only look great, they also improve the general look of your upper body. Another major benefit of strong core muscles is the other health positives that are provided.

Most people perform stomach exercises mainly for cosmetic reasons, but there is a far more important reason for having a flat and strong stomach. Your stomach area is the core part of your body. The core is the place that everything else comes from. There are vital internal organs behind your stomach wall, and they need protection.

Not only are your internal organs protected by a strong stomach, they are also firmly held in place. When your stomach area is covered in fat, your stomach will push forward due to the excessive weight of the stomach. This can often result in your organs not getting the protection that they need, along with a chance of some of them being slightly dislodged. This is why you should include a variety of stomach exercises in your ab workouts, so that you are targeting your core area from every angle possible.

No matter what stomach exercise you choose, it will only be effective if you do it on a consistent level. Even the best ab workouts or abs machine is going to be useless, unless you are prepared to do it on a consistent basis. Another thing to consider is the abs machine that you can buy these days. While some abs machine can be effective, you don’t really need them to get the 6 pack that you want. There are plenty of abs routines that will give you the results that you desire. Regardless of which exercises you do for your stomach, you will still have to put the work in. There are no shortcuts.

You will want to pick exercises that target your oblique’s, the lower, middle, and upper sections of your abs, and let’s not forget your lower back. each area is a sum of the whole, so hitting the whole from every angle will give you great all round development. A strong core will also provide lots of health benefits.

There are many exercises that you can do as part of your abs routines, here are just a few.




Leg Lifts Weighted

Front Squats Plank Side

Plank Sit

Ups Side

Bends Bar

Twist Leg Raises

These are just a few core exercises that you can do as part of your ab workouts. Try to find out what is goint to suit you. There may be a bit of trial and error involved, but it will be time well spent. The more angles that you hit your stomach, the better it will look.

Another thing to remember is that regardless of how hard you exercise your stomach, your abs will only become visible if you lose the fat that covers them. This will mean making changes to your diet, along with picking the best stomach exercises as part of your ab workouts.

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